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The day in review Dec 11, 2019

New Years modification #1 starting early…

Get the website back up and get back to posting on the blog.

So here goes:

Actually got quite a bit accomplished today

  • Finished a large heavily quilted quilt.
  • Finished a small lightly quilted quilt (no picture it’s a surprise)
  • Collected and wrapped gift for quilt group party tomorrow night (sorry no picture… gift)
  • Collected and wrapped gift for customer. A local quilter is going to have a fun package to open. (Another no picture… gift again…darn it)

So all in all I am feeling a bit smug and think I deserve a bit of reading and a treat.

A bit of Makers Mark and a really good book.Until tomorrow then…

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She said I could play…

So what happens when you take a well pieced, interesting little quilt top…

Add permission from the piecer to “go ahead and play with it”…

Spoon in the 2nd edition of “Mastering the Art of McTavishing”…hot off the presses…

 and the desire to see just what I can get the new stitch regulator to do…

Yep…You guessed it… Over the top quilting!

 And yes, I had lots of fun playing!

Don’t tell me not to burn the candle at both ends

Tell me where to get more wax!

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Three simple words

 Christmas is DONE!!!

All the “gotta be under the tree” customer quilts are D. O. N. E….
Since they are gifts, pictures will have to wait until next week…And there are some really cute quilts. 
Everyone have a happy and safe holiday.
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The to-do list:

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Start with this:
Wreaths from a friend at work, berries, ribbons and pine cones. 
Add a helping off
My dear Mr. Darcy
And ta-da

Wreaths ready to ship to Florida. 

One BIG check mark on the to do list. 
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Christmas…a little early

Ok, I admit it, I can’t resist a sale at the Stencil Company. (That’s if you are interested)

Look what the mailman just brought
Some southwest designs
A few feathery motifs for corners. I think these will make nice medallions too. 
And a background fill and flames border. 
Just a little diversity. 
Now back to work!

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Assembly line quilts part 2

So you saw the pile of tops and batting and the backings ready to load. Here we go quilting just like always. These are baby quilts all about 36 by 45 so two  or three passes of a panto is all it takes. 

Keep quilting and rolling until you get to the bottom and look what happens…

Another backing appears!  So just add the next top and batting and quilt some more. 

And when the green top is done lo and behold what happens…

And so on. I can do about 6 like this before the roll on the take-up rail gets too  thick. And it goes SO much faster than loading them individually. 

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What I did today

No apologies for being a bad blogger. Just a fresh start. 

I have just settled into bed with a cup of tea and decided to review the day. Why not review it here? 
So here goes…
Today I …
– made pancakes for breakfast and 4 loaves of bread for the rest of the week
– caught-up the mailing list and printed the labels for the Ruggles House bulk mailing
– wrote and emailed the press release for the Christmas Tea event at the Ruggles House (Sunday December 8 if you are interested)
– updated and printed posters for that event so I can put them up around town this week
– loaded a backing for some assembly line baby quilts
– changed the sheets on the bed
– protected the house from the ravages of these demons

AND made it back into bed the same day I got out. 
I’ll give it a 7 out of 10 I guess and will try to check in tomorrow.