Yard Sale

If you stopped by from the Quiltville  Yard sale- Welcome. If not, check out all the bloggers doing some spring cleaning… as they say one quilter’s scraps are another quilter’s string blocks… or something like that.

To make things easy, each item for sale has a PayPal button. If it is no longer available you will be notified when you check out. You do not need a Paypal account and this is a safe, secure and easy for all of us. No waiting for the “still availible” email or the total with shipping, just shop and chek out. I’ll try to remove items as they are sold. Also, shippig is included in the sale price… Easier is always better…right?

Brand new Spring 2012 edition of Easy Quilts. 16 bright and easy projects. $5.00 includes postage 

The original Gypsy Gripper- I recieved several  so I will share the wealth. They are great for hanging on to your rulers and keeping fingers away from the rotary cutter. Two ship for the same amount and one, and shipping is included in the price.
1 Gripper + shipping$15.00 USD 2 Grippers + shipping$20.00 USD