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MQX Day 2

Two posts in two days… Oh my…What a day! I started with a walking tour of the winning quilts given by Cathy Wiggins. It was wonderful to hear and see exactly why one quilt won and another got second or an honorable mention, or no ribbon at all.

Especially when this is a winner in one category…

This is the winner in another category…
This is best of show…

The pictures should enlarge to give you a better idea of the incredible workmanship on these quilts. Deciding on winners is a job I would not want.
Other pictures will be coming as I get them sorted and edited.
My class with Judy Woodworth was great. W learned a lot about design and composition and actually drew some beginning wholecloth designs. It’s hard to believe that something like this

is the beginning of something like this.
And I finally got pictures of our “spoils of war”. Faye and I were fairly restrained, but we may have a small thread habit starting…
Faye’s treasures from yesterday and today:
My additions to yesterdays goodies…
Do I see a common thread? No I see a lot of uncommon thread! OK, bad joke, but I’m tired and need to get to bed. Tomorrow we finish any odds and ends and head home. The only question is… is there room in the suitcase?


Don’t tell me not to burn the candle at both ends

Tell me where to get more wax!

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MQX Day 1

Pardon me, it’s now the New England Quilt Festival but it will always be MQX to me… 

So Faye and I struck out bright and early this morning for Manchester, New Hampshire to oogle and drool over some world class quilts. “Mario” got us to the convention center around 1:15 and got signed in. We had arrived just in time to see Cathy Wiggins’ lecture on tips for winning quilts. It was interesting and I won a copy of her book. This is going to be a good show!

Then we toured the show floor and vendors and got most of our retail therapy taken care of. I wasn’t too bad…so far…

There’s some thread to refill the stash and a few new colors for a couple of specific projects, my prize book, and a hand embroidered table cover that just jumped up and said “TAKE ME HOME”

 And with my ticket to Cindy Needhams lecture in Augusta just confirmed, who am I to resist fate??? Isn’t it pretty?

We have seen some breath taking quilts, but with bags and totes and stuff we just didn’t have the hands to take pictures. That will be remedied tomorrow…I assure you.

I did take one picture of a great little quilt that just struk a chord this afternoon so I will leave you with this thought…

And yes, the cardinal is not only thread painting, but is 3-dimentional and so is the evergreen bough.
More fun tomorrow.

Don’t tell me not to burn the candle at both ends

Tell me where to get more wax!

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Harvest Quilt Show

Like everyone else, my summer has flown by. There have been adventures and absurdities but those stories will wait.

This past Saturday was the 3rd annual Harvest Quilt and Craft show, and if you couldn’t attend you missed some great quilts. It isn’t the same as being there, but here is a glimpse of the show.

The quilts are hung against the walls and we have craft vendors in the center.
This year we added some racks that gave us more hanging spaces. (Thanks Faye) We also used the stage area for the first time. This is the view of the hall from up on the stage. Do you like our caution rope? Right out of the strip bin! 

We had our own little homage to Bonnie K. Hunter with Laurie’s Jamestown Landing in green and Pat’s in blue with Jennifer’s Orca Bay in the middle.

The contemporary section included Marty’s French Braid with great shading

Faye’s “Jambo Najile” shows how simple piecing can let the beauty of the fabrics do the work.

Brenda’s “Out of Egypt” wasn’t quilt finished for the show, but is still impressive as a work in progress.

 Dawn’s Carpenters Star was her very first quilt. The pillow was made with the leftover fabric.
Tara made this cute 9-patch quilt for her Mother-in-Law and calls it Neapolitan because it reminds her of the 3-colored ice cream. Sorry about the glare from the window.
 Marty’s Stack ‘n Whack. It’s amazing how different the blocks look, but they are all from the same fabric!
 One of our older quilts, this cross-stitched whole cloth was made around 1976 to celebrate the bicentennial.
It is hand cross-stitched and hand quilted

This is Dwina’s “Chains of Love” quilt. It won a 3rd place ribbon at the Maine State quilt show this year.

 Mary’s “Just Charming” quilt was made with two charm packs in country colors.

Sheri’s Log Cabin quilt really shows the sunshine & shadow pattern- I got lucky with the sunlight from the window.

 Another of Mary’s quilts. Everything came from her stash or scrap bin and she hand quilted it!

This is a Dresden Plate quilt that has come to Glenn through his family. Lucky Glenn!

 And a cute Ohio Star that Pat’s grandmother made in the 1930s. Love the mint green sashing.

 And this Pansy quilt was so sweet.

 And some Butterflies for the garden.

 And the rest of the garden is complete with embroidered state flowers.

 This is a signature quilt from the Pleasant River Grange ca 1906. The signatures are all embroidered.

 Don’t know who F.E DeWitt was, but that signature really has flourish.

 Lots of these families are still around

Ruth’s quilt is “All about Maine”

 And Tera wants to know if anyone has “Got Crabs?”

Joyce thinks less is more… This little gem is only 11 X 13″

This wonderful folk art piece was one of the show highlights. It was made in 1859 by the owner’s great-great Aunt. The framed certificate on the easel is the second place award from the Dauphin County (Pennsylvania) Agricultural Exhibition

And the winner of the viewers choice and the star of the show was this Mariner’s Compass. It was purchased in upstate New York and is believed to be mid-to-late 19th century. The green fabric in this quilt is very similar to some fabrics in the 1859 Presentation quilt so personally I am leaning to more mid- than late- 

 There is tons of echo quilting- about every 1/4″ and the stitches are tiny. The applique stitches are completely invisible.

 I love the swag border… And the compasses… and the quilting… there’s just nothing not to love about this quilt. 

So there you have it, a short tour of the 2012 Harvest Quilt Show. If you got tho see them in person, thanks for coming and if you didn’t, we hope to see you next year.

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I’m trying to figure out how to post pictures from my phone to the blog. We are off to the quilt show today and I have bragging to do on my customers!