Things to consider & discuss with your longarmer:

  • Function of the quilt- Is this a future family heirloom or a “blankee” for a toddler to drag around and make tents with?
  • How dense do you want the quilting? Open designs will leave the quilt softer and more flexible. Dense quilting can be used to push down the background to highlight applique or feathers.
  • How fluffy do you want your quilt? There are many types of batting available. Most common are cotton, polyester, a blend and wool.


Prepare your quilt for longarm quilting:

  • Press and trim loose threads.
  • Top should be flat and square. Some imperfections will quilt out, some won’t.
  • Backing and batting should be 4″ larger than the top on each side. If your top is 60 X 80 your batting and backing need to be AT LEAST 68 X 88.
  • No need to trim the odd 6 inches of fabric off your backing. Leave it there and you will get back better quality scraps.
  • Wide backing fabric (108″) is a great convenience.
  • For standard 45″ fabric, leave the selvages on the fabric, use a 1/2″ seam and press the seams open.
  • Your backing should be reasonably pressed.  DO NOT make yourself crazy ironing.
  • Pre-washing your backing is up to you.