“Signs” of Spring

This past week was an incredible few days of warm (some would say hot) weather. A high of 85 degrees is rare in July or August let alone March. But this Florida-born girl will take that kind of weather whenever she can get it. Next week is supposed to be more seasonal temperatures and it feels like it. I’m back in a t-shirt, flannel shirt and sweatshirt, but spring is definitely on the way.

Here in Maine we have several sure signs of spring:

Small sprouts of green and purple crocuses (crocusii ?)


Crazy motorcycle riders (no pictures but you know the type)

But this year I got a different sign of spring.
This is the “Open” flag for the shop,

Yep, it’s in rough shape, but it was my first one, I was so happy to put it out and feel like a real business. That was several winters and lots of sun and rain ago. Some of the girls have been kidding me about getting a new one, I said “in the spring, since the winter can be so hard on them” Well last Tuesday night at class, my good buddy Faye told me it was time and gave me this

A brand new, hand-made open flag. How cool is that? Of course, now I will have to bring it in when it rains or snows. Thanks again Faye!

Don’t tell me not to burn the candle at both ends

Tell me where to get more wax!